Eye Examinations

Dr. Panchal’s office performs full, comprehensive eye examinations that involve testing of the refractive, binocular and ocular health status of the eyes. Using state-of-the art equipment with modern techniques, we are able to examine and obtain critical information about the eyes. The complete eye exam does test for Glaucoma (a sight-threatening disease that leads to blindness) along with screening for other diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Tumors, etc. that can be first noticed from the eyes.

Case History

Dr. Panchal’s office takes the time to make sure they discuss the issues the patient is having with their eyes. In brief, a summary of medical history, medications and family history of issues is also discussed.

Refractive Testing.

This testing involves a battery of tests that include examining the eye muscles with a penlight, switching from one eye to another to check for lazy eyes and stereovision testing to ensure depth of field vision (3D vision wearing 3D glasses). Also, using prisms and loose lenses, the focusing system and vergence of the eyes can also be examined.

Binocular Testing

This testing involves a battery of tests that include checking visual acuity (covering one eye and examining the vision out of the other eye by reading the chart) and using the “big black glasses” in the exam room to see what combination of lenses would help you see for distance and reading. This can they be converted into a pair of glasses, a pair of contacts or even baseline information for laser surgery.

Ocular Health Testing

This testing involves using various lenses and equipment to examine the health of the eyes. Using the microscope-type Slit Lamp allows us to examine the on top of the eyes (eyelids/eyelashes/lids), the front of the eyes to make sure there are no infections, growths, etc. and the back of the eye to make sure there is no Glaucoma, Diabetes, Retinal problems, etc.

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