Contact Lens Fitting

Dr. Panchal carries a wide range of contact lenses. Dr. Panchal takes pride in fitting contact lenses and believes that every patient should be given the chance, if interested, to pursue the option of contact lenses. He enjoys the challenge of fitting patients with high astigmatism and those who need bifocals.

There are two types of contacts: Rigid Gas Permeable, aka RGP (Hard Contact Lenses), and Soft Lenses. RGP lenses have been around for many years and are still a choice for some patients. However, the advanced technology and superior?comfort of soft lenses makes them the most popular choice today. There are single vision contact lenses, coloured contact lenses and contacts that correct both distance and near vision (bifocal).

We carry yearly contacts and disposable ones as well. At Dr. Panchal’s office, professional contact lens fittings are done by his trained staff. A fitting includes ordering a trial pair of lenses, teaching you how to insert and remove the lenses and also teaching you how to take care of the lenses. Once the lenses are fitted, Dr. Panchal has the patient back in one week for a reassessment to ensure proper contact lens fitting.

Dr. Panchal carries all brands including Acuvue Oasys, Focus Night & Day (you can sleep in these for 30 days), Focus Dailies (one day lenses), Freshlook Colours, and others.

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